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Bootcamp Bandwagon Comes to the World of IoT


Interesting to read about hardware accelerators, this one in Berlin from Deutsche Telekom. TechCrunch notes:

“Specifically, the telco is on the hunt for early-stage companies operating in the following three categories: smart home, consumer electronics and hardware; wearables and mobile; and B2B commercial applications.”

TC goes on to list a few more accelerators and startups.  These are great, but what can you really get done in three days?  Feels to me that it’s more like an investor meet and greet than anything else, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I hope to hear more about the B2B Commercial Applications segment.  Not as sexy as consumer, but lots and lots of upside.

Also noteworthy: Deutsche Telekom’s hub:raum has locations in Berlin, Krakow and Tel Aviv, all with local programs for tech startups and all of which claim to be a version of Silicon Valley.  DT definitely has the money and technical chops to make great stuff happen, but I’m always skeptical when Location B claims to be the next SUPER AWESOME LOCATION EVERYONE ALREADY LOVES.

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