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Code Coverage, 3D Printers vs. Quadcopters & Apex4Admins


The excellent Code Coverage podcast features me today.  I was really honored when Matt and Steven invited me and am really excited to hear who they’ve got lined up next.

During the show, Matt & Steven asked me to pick a favorite connected device hack.  I talked about the quadcopter hack, which I indeed loved. This episode was recorded a few weeks ago, when I hadn’t yet had the chance to control 3D printers with Salesforce1.  I would now say this is my favorite project, surpassing even the quadcopters.

The thing I hope people get out of this, especially people who are new to Salesforce1 and development in general, is how good of time this is to kickstart your career.  As I was listening to our conversation, I found myself reflecting on the amount of money I’ve spent on developer tooling over the years, and how valuable the free developer edition really is.  Literally anyone can get one, get started, and build an extremely lucrative career, for free.  It’s a matter of putting in the effort.

If you’re brand new and want to go down this path but don’t know where to start, you should check out the excellent Apex4Admins. They’ll get you started right.  I’ve included the first of three Apex4Admins episodes here because I think it’s so good.

Thanks again Matt & Steven.  Keep up the great work!


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