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Moov is the AI coach my dogs have been waiting for


I pre-ordered Moov a few months ago. It arrived Saturday and I tried it out this morning.


IMG_4278If, like me, you haven’t used an artificially intelligent coach before I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Moov. You select a walking or running program, and it does the rest. I chose a brisk walk program, set some levels and we were off and running — er — walking I guess. The screenshot above is the outcome. I started on Level 1 and pushed to Level 7. Level 7 was 122 steps per minute with 2 minute intervals. The coach would tell you you’re on pace, the speed up, to avoid tending up, etc.


My dogs loved it – it was definitely faster than our usual morning walk.

The Moov is very interesting. The device itself comes with a couple of bands that it pops into and it pairs with your phone via Bluetooth. It’s very light and you put it around your ankle. The computerized voice tells you things like “You crushed it!” just like that $100 an hour personal trainer. Moving the levels on the app is a little unwieldy when you lock your phone but that probably gets easier when you use it more and know your levels. Also charging it is a little difficult due to the small charging leads, but should be manageable if you pay a little more attention that I usually do the first time I plug a new toy in.

Overall, $40 well spent.

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