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npm install parenting


My young son and I (aka The Critter) talk about a lot of things, including the fairly abstract work I do.  I wanted to make it more concrete for him, so, for fun, created a super simple node library which is now, shockingly, available via the esteemed npm and of course on github.

The gist? Well, you put a number of things you might say to your child in as prompts, and can then have the computer say them out loud. It comes with defaults, you can create your own, and it of course has auto mode where it just says one right after the other.

Useful phrase like, Reid, use your napkin.  Reid, clean your room.  Reid, stop doing that.

You get the idea!

It must have connected a little because here you can see him changing the configured name to be that of his sister!

Haven’t tested on a Windows machine.

parenting in action!




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