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Great Playing Cards: Shuffle & Roll


In the “other adventures” department I’ve been geeking around with playing cards, and now have the tiniest e-commerce outlet you’ve ever seen focused on this. Checkout the Great Playing Cards at Shuffle & Roll.

It’s been very interesting getting to know the playing card business. A lot of people use them for magic, or cardistry, but just as many like them as a way to add spice to their everyday games. Love that.

I back 3-4 Kickstarter campaigns a month. December was a heavy one at six projects, including Queen Bee (that I wanted to buy more of than I did), Neo Tokyo that just looks awesome (I probably should have bought more, but dark mode cards aren’t my favorite), Blue Jay (that I also wanted more of), Atlantis (and YES I wanted more of that too but was too late for the special gilded dang it) — but I miss a lot of really great stuff, too — a list too long to include here.

When I find the good stuff, I’m super happy to share it.

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