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$20 Hardware Developer Kits Speed IoT Development


Texas Instruments just announced a $20 dev kit.

Designed to provide a quick start for engineers looking to begin exploring IoT design concepts, the Connected LaunchPad omits many of the options included in a full-featured development kit such as the $200 TI TM4C129x Connected Development Kit (Table). 

Very interesting to see all the major electronics companies coming out with their own accelerator kits.  Their goal is to a) make experimentation easier and b) help the speed to transformation from experiment to production ready.  ARM’s mbed is another super cool example of this and Intel keeps teasing about their IoT developer kit.

For me, it’s also interesting to think about how these stand up to boards like the Arduino.  Here’s the thing. The Arduino is ridiculously great for a lot of prototyping and small runs, but would you use it for thousands or millions of devices?  Probably not.

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